Introducing the Great American “Super App”

The suite of financial products offered by current players
Functionality map of predominant Asian “super apps”
  1. Scale: Dominant scale across consumers both AND merchants
  2. Behavior: Highly habitual and interactive behavior within the app
  3. Functionality: Platform must natively incorporate commerce and payments
Breakdown of “super app” success conditions, and how to measure achievement
Pros and cons of frontrunning competitors

Apple’s ability to succeed as a “super app” contender will depend on its ability to develop a richer infrastructure that increases transaction volume or optimizes payment flows for merchants.


PayPal will need to double down on developing lifestyle-oriented native offerings (e.g., entertainment, food delivery, shopping) that will cement habitual consumer usage.

“Apple and Paypal are approaching the “super app” opportunity with different advantages, so getting to scale will look different for each,” said Barry Rodrigues, a Commerce Ventures senior advisor and former CEO of Barclay’s North America. “Apple will have to demonstrate meaningful value to merchants to secure their engagement in a seamless commerce experience and merchants will need to consider that Apple solutions only cater to iOS users. On the other side, PayPal has to convince users of its disparate applications to interact with them as a broader contiguous platform of value, rather than a series of discreet, transaction-based use cases.”



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