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  • Jon Michaels

    Jon Michaels

    I thrive in unstructured, ambiguous environments. I bring passion and enthusiasm to everything I do and get excited about bringing out the best in others.

  • Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky

  • Sydney Champion

    Sydney Champion

  • Omri Dahan

    Omri Dahan

  • Steve Dennis

    Steve Dennis

    Keynote speaker & strategic advisor on retail innovation. Top 10 retail influencer. Senior Forbes contributor. Best selling author of “Remarkable Retail.”

  • John Michael Hoehn

    John Michael Hoehn

  • Jens Stratmanns

    Jens Stratmanns

  • Matt Harris

    Matt Harris

    Growth Consultant/ Advisor with early stage start ups. Fmr Emissary, MIT, ffVC. Trying to build something new at Bloomcred.it

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